Rahu and Saturn Relation

Rahu and Saturn combination.
Rahu is number 4
Rahu is Chaumukha #Diya
Rahu is roundabout
Rahu is Chathurthi
#Sankata Dasha represents Rahu.
Sankata means problems.
So Read #Sankta Strot
Rahu is Dhatura (kind of poison) and Raddish
Poision of Vasuki (Saturn) Naag is Rahu which is around Shiva neck.
So one should offer Dhatura to Shiva on Saturday or on Mahashivratri
Rahu is barley, lead.
Rahu is python which swallow its food.
Snake is Saturn
Swallowing is Rahu.
Rahu is cigarette smoke which we swallow.
Rahu is Tobacco.
One should wash barley with cow #milk and pour in flowing water.
Rahu is Alcohal in #Kaalbhairav Temple (represents Shani).
One can give alcohol bottle in Kaal Bhairav Temple on Saturday
Rahu is zig zag stick, which one can give to old people (Saturn) for their protection and safety bring.
Rahu is spy agent.
Rahu is #shadow of black umbrella (Saturn).
Rahu is shadow of Peepal Tree (Saturn and Jupiter) and Shadow of Vat Tree ( Mars).
Rahu is chatra of Maa #Kaali (Represents Shani).
So one can offer chatar to Maa Kaali on Wednesday.
Rahu is Peer Baba.
So going on Wednesday and Saturday to Peer Baba improves Rahu and when you do take care work over there (cleaning etc).
Rahi is balcony and if it is loaded with unused item, then it become Rahu.
Rahu represents Yog in Cave.
Rahu is #Pitra Dosh Puja at the bank of Pious River.
Aum chanting in darkness is Rahu
Snake Charmer Beena’s sound is Rahu.
Taking dip in Ganga River is Saturn
Drinking alcohol in night time (Saturn) in Bar is Rahu.
#Maarich in Ramayan is Rahu who cast spell on Maa Sita.
Saturn is Lord Ram who have never been bias.
Rahu is vichaar of Ravan who is greedy.
Rahu is Brahm (Illusion)
Rahu is brahm (illusion state) on roundabout
Mantra of Rahu starts with #Brahm
‘ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नम:।’
Aum Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahve nanhe
#Dasha of Brahmari represented by Rahu in Vimshotri as creates illusion in its dasha
If Rahu makes relationship with 2 5 9 and 11th House, And their house lord is also in good dignity, it gives sudden #windfall wealth.
Rahu is with Venus gives wealth
Rahu or Venus in Magha Nakshatra gives wealth
Rahu and Mangal conjunction in 3rd and 6th houses is good raj yog kaarak.
#Gomed gemstone which comes from the name of Gau-medh means color of urine of a Cow which is used to purify home (cleanse negativity) and some medicines.
Rahu is represented by cow urine.
Rahu is back biting (spill the beans of someone’s plan)
Rahu is bhed (secret) or koot-niti
Shani is dandniti (Punishment)
Rahu is coffin
Rahi is Guptdaan and #Kanyadaan.
Rahu is trap (Net), but this #trap (Net) can only be cut by Ketu (#Rat).
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Saturn and Kaal Bhairav


#Kaal Bhairav and Liquor concept with #Lal Kitab and Vastu.
Kaal Bhairav represents #Saturn
Saturn represents #Alcohol
Moon represents North direction.
Sun represents East direction.
Mars represents South direction.
#Curse #Activation of #Paap yakshma deity in Vastu.
#Remedy of Alcohal offering to Kaal Bhairav can be done in below condition.
If Rahu in 2nd House.
If Rahu in 8th House.
If Saturn in 2nd House and Rahu in 10th House
If Saturn in 8th House and Rahu in 2nd House.
If Rahu and Saturn are in 2nd House.
If Rahu and Saturn are in Taurus sign in eight house.
If Rahu in 2nd House and Saturn in 10th House.
If Saturn is in 4th House.
If Rahu is in 4th House.
If Saturn and Rahu are in 4th House.
If Moon and Saturn are sitting together in 2nd House.
If Saturn is in 2nd house and Moon in 10th House.
If Saturn and Moon are sitting together in 8th House.
If Saturn and Moon are sitting together in 8th House in Taurus sign.
If Moon in 2nd house and Rahu in 6th House or vice a versa.
If Saturn in 5th house and Moon in 8th house.
If Rahu in 12th House and Moon in 8th House.
In #Lal Kitab Moon with Saturn represents Neech Ketu.
In #Lal Kitab, Venus with Saturn makes Uchcha (exalted) Ketu.
So if liquor bottle is in #North direction, it will make neech (debilitated) Ketu and makes Punarphoo combination as per KP astrology.
If Liquor bottle in #East direction then he may have trouble in socializing as it becomes Mangal Badh (bad) as per Lal Kitab.
If liquor bottle in #South direction then he may have sleeping problem but if Mars is good in the chart then makes uchha Rahu as per Lal Kitab.
If #brandy (kind of alcohol used for cough and cold for kids) small bottle used as medicine in a direction of churning in ESE (Exaltation of Guru Shukracharya represents sanjivani who travled through vish (Halahal in throat of Shiva) of Shiva and remained in stomach of him) then it makes ucch Ketu.
If someone #addicted to alcohol and his family wants to give up this habit then they can keep liquor bottle in SSW direction.
They should visit Kaal bhairav #temple and offer liquor and bring back the remaining potion and can do #Nazar Utara of that person with alcohal bottle while he is sleeping and then pour that bottle in Gandi Naali (Cesspool) on Saturday for consecutive few months.
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Yog Nidra

#Yog Nidra in Womb and Panchkosh – IVF Treatment.

Anamay #Kosh has all the #five elements.
1. Earth – #Past Life and Storage of Past Life Karma divided into two
Nitya – Eternal Atom (Non Perishable)
Anitya – Perishable after death (Disintegration of Atom and Assimilation again to form new life in womb)
2. Water – Future, Memory, Purification, Suppressed feelings of Past Life.
3. Fire – Parents Karma – Manipura Chakra
4. Air – Heart Chakra
5. Sky – Sound, Shiva Blue Energy #Neelkanth– Throat Chakra (Saturn and Rahu energy of snake poison).
Child’s heart does not have heart beat in #Womb.
Mother is first Guru of a Child who takes care of a baby from her Swadhishthan Chakra and Manipura Chakra.
Now times come when baby feels the pain first time when is out from the womb and he is made to cry.
It can be understood as Doctor (Guru) gives him #pain to give him new life.
Let’s understand through #Astrology and Horoscope Houses.
4th House is Womb
5th House – Progeny Capacity.
8th House is sleep in Samadhi – Sleep with Awareness when mother is given Anesthesia which can be understood as good Pain.
9th House – Umbilical Cord
Guru represents Praan (Life Force)
Rahu represents – Artificial
#Transit Technique #IVF or Surrogacy.
If Rahu Transit on 5th House on Natal Guru (Praan)
If Rahu Transit in 9th House on Natal Guru.
If Jupiter Transit on Rahu on 5th House
If Jupiter Transit on 9th House on Natal Rahu.
Complete article in my upcoming Book.
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Author – Book (Unlock Pending Karma and its correction).
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There are many reasons for ups and downs in life, we have the lock in the form of luck (9th House), but sometimes we cannot find the right key to unlock it.
#Kaalhasthi TheAstrologer💡– Life Transformation Coach Through #PastLife Pending Karma #Remedies with the help of Astrology

Quantum Physics and Past Life Karma

#Quantum Physics and #Past Life Karma – Time and Space in Astrology (Vastu, Horoscope, Numerology).
We all have some sort of #Karmic Baggage. Our Karma is very intertwined with our #Astrology, so using this divine science, we can find out which planet is weak or afflicted, Pitra Dosh, Sarp Dosh, Kaal Sarp, Rin of God/Brother/Mother/Guru in your aura/Kundali which is stopping you from moving ahead in life.
Once we find out the root cause of the problem in #Kundali, we can start working on remedial measures which might take some time to show good results as these are karmic particles of past life in the form of electro magnetic waves around you.
There is some energy which is beyond Physics, that is called #Quantum Physics. That means something is very small and beyond energy which is called space element (Ether/Sky) which represents West direction of Saturn.
Imbalance in west direction or Vastu dosh in this direction can minimise your gains.
#Throat Chakra is the space element which shows your expression/communication. Your #expression number in #numerology shows the Space element quality.
Above Heart Chakra, we experience divine energy on third eye (Space/ether element) and then further exploration of universe on crown chakra (Space element/ether chakra).
Below #Heart Chakra there is conscious mind and above Heart Chakra there is consciousness.
Quantum physics is always on #soul level (consciousness).
#Matter – Physical Body divided in objects and subjects (we human being).
#Energy – Aura
#Consciousness – Quantum Physics which is Beyond Physics
Our present is well synched with our #Past, it is like sometimes we have to put our phones to default factory settings (formatting which is putting one life to end) and the moment we put the same email id and we get our contact list or photos back.
Can we #restore our past life files like we have restore button or with the help of any third party software (reiki healer or past life regression master) in Laptop which gives you deleted files back?
So what does that mean? Lets understand this from #Mythology of Lord Hanuman and his Guru Jamvanth.
In the pursuit of being multidimensional, our #brain goes to sleep or gets hang like any other phones.
And we run out of potential energy and that is why we do not have enough kinetic energy. So what is that which drain our #energy?
Moh, Maya, Lobh, Jealousy, Anger, Insult, Hatred.
#Lord Hanuman is beyond all these negative traits who goes beyond Air (who has stored his all kinetic energy), it means he goes to ether (Sky) element when he met with his Guru Jamvanth and he helped Lord Hanuman to bring back his Power from his past life.
Quantum Physics works only above the Heart Chakra which remains on #consciousness level.
And Energy is beneath the Heart Chakra.
As some of the karmic #baggage of past lives is difficult to get rid off during certain planetary dasha (6th, 8th and 12th Lord), Sade Sati, Rahu/Shani and Ketu Mahadash and Antar dasha unless you meet a Guru who helps you cleaning your Karma.
What Time shows – Everything happens on its own due time (it shows numbers in Date). But if you want to know why something is not happening with you, then you need a Guru who can help findings and releasing the blockage of your Karmic debts.
Your #past life has a key to #unlock your present.
Always remember that few things can only be experienced not explained.
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