Pitra Dosh Puja


Pitru dosh /Pitru Shaap is done to get rid of any sin done in past life. As per the theory of Karmic Astrology, people take birth in the same family lines for many lives till their Karmic debts and responsibilities are not cleared.

We follow a specific method to do the Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja for the clients and help them lead a peaceful life.

We provide effective solutions to eradicate the hiccups that the clients face in the smooth flow of their lives by giving them the most accurate solution. Our prime goal is to satisfy the clients and help them to lead a contented life.

Pitra Dosha Puja is performed to get respite from various problems for example: unsuccessful in Business, Delay in getting a Job, unsatisfactory job, Loss of Money, Progeny issue, health Problems, Court cases, Educational hindrances, Marriage Problems, Accidental Death, Unnecessary expenses, for all kind of all kind of issues.

Vedic Rituals:

This vidhi done by vedic procedure and done by Brahmins who are doing Pooja since so many generations and this Puja is of approx. 15 days to complete.

Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Pitra Dosh Puja ” to my email Id kaalhasthi@gmail.com along with below details of yours:

1. Full Name

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3. Your Gotra (if any)

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6. Please explain the problem you are facing.

You will be notified on email when the Puja will start and conformation of completion of successful Puja.


Pitru tarpan (solace) to ancestors departed is very essential to the happiness and general well being of the family

The story of Sagar putra is good example of this vatsalya as how generations together a dynasty struggled to free its ancestors from sin and curse.

Many years later Sagar decided to perform Ashwamedha yagnya . The horse of Aswamedhayagnya was stolen by Indra and tied it near Kapila Muni Ashram .60000 sons of Sagar wandered around all over the vast expanses of land in search of the horse. Finally they came across the horse outside Sage Kapil’s ashram, They thought Kapila muni himself has stolen the horse , in ignorance they attacked Kapila. Lord Kapila opened his eyes and all the 60000 were reduced to ashes .

Then Dilip’s son Bhagirath finally pleaded with Kapil for the liberation of his ancestors. Pleased with his respectful attitude, Kapil told him that his ancestors could be liberated only with the water of the heavenlyRiver Ganga.

Bhagiratha brought the River Ganges to Earth from the heavens.

This is a great lesson to us that we our actions affect our pitrus and vice versa, This is the way, through King Bhagirath’s efforts, that the holiest River Ganga came down to earth.