Level 2 Advance Predictive course


Level 2 Prediction Course:

Advance Predictive Astrology course with my own case studies.
Learn to Predict major events of life through Parashar Vedic Jyotish
Course on How to time an event.
Predictive Astrology course, announcing the fourth batch from June 2022
This course will cover techniques of Predictions.

 Parashar secrets codes of prediction.
 How to deduce the Predictive rules my own techniques.
 How to see timing of travel to abroad – what are the rules and techniques?
 How to see the timing of job change – what are the rules and techniques?
 How to see timings of Marriage – what are the rules and techniques?
 How to see the timing of Child birth – what are the rules and techniques?
 Timing of getting property – what are the rules and techniques?
 How to use Divisional charts such as D9, D10, D4, D7.
 How to use Transit with Dasha.
 How to see Wealth and Raj Yoga.
 How to suggest Remedies

All the concepts will be taught with My own case studies.
This is three to four month course which has 12 to 14 classes with my own case studies..
Online Zoom Classes will be on weekend Saturday, 1 hour and 30 minutes class.
Language – Hindi
Medium – Zoom
Day – Saturday Weekend
Duration – 1.5 hours
Prerequisite for the Course – Students need to have knowledge of Planets, Signs and Houses.
Batch – First Batch from Wednesday 25th May, Evening 7 Pm to 8.30 Pm IST
Batch – Second Batch from Saturday First week of June, Evening batch.
Actual Fee is 35500 Rs INR
Early bird offer is in 25448 Rs (discounted fees) if you make registration by 25th May.

Students will be provided the PPT and Recordings of the classes.
Ping me for the enrollment of the course, there is no refund of the fees, so pls checkout all my videos on CosmicKrishna channel and check my books on Amazon before joining the course.
You can see all my predictions on FB Profile and FB page, there are approx 700 to 1000 written predictions on whatsApp chat which I have predicted and are available to see on my page and my FB profile.

Below are some of the samples:

First two books are best selling books on Amazon

1. Unlock Pending Karma and its correction in Hindi and English.
2. Unlock Purva Punya and Paap from the stories of 27 Nakshatra.
3. Unlock Luck and Wealth with keys of Dharma.
4. Snapshot Prediction Through Yogini dasha.
5. Unlock Marital Curse through Rashi Tulya Navamsha.
6. Autism in Medical Astrology.

My New Book DNA Astrology of Wealth through Nakshatra with Bhrighu Nandi Nadi and Indu Lagna.

My Videos are on my Channel:
YouTube Channel : CosmicKrishna
Video on foreign Travel

This is your first step to climb the ladder of learning the techniques of predictive astrology and I will help you achieve your dreams of becoming one of the best Predictive Astrologers.

If you face challenges in making prediction as a Professional Astrologer or as a Jyotisha Students then this is a course for you.