Medical Astrology Through Vedas and Puran with Nakshatra


Medical Astrology Course:

Past Life debts and its connection with the DNA of the family. In medical Astrology, I have infused my research to detect and timing of disease.

Using my research, I will be sharing lots of secret aspects of Karma and its connection with Past life in my Medical Astrology course.

Medical Astrology – You will understand the root cause Purely with a Scientific approach. On a karmik level, you will learn past life debts with the help from Ved and Puran.

Learn to use Nakshatra in Medical astrology with Ved/Puran. Learn to give parihar/cancellation as per Shastras.

Most of all, you will learn to blend all of the above. I am launching my most awaited course on Medical Astrology through Ved and Puran.

This course will combine three different limbs of Astrology in one course:

Medical Astrology + Vedas and Puran + Nakshatra
How to detect different kind of disease?
Timing of disease can be predicted which is the main USP of the course.
There will be lot more things which are part of my research.
Live Zoom Classes
Fees 45 K INR or 572 USD
Course Start Date – Dec 2022 or Jan 2022
Students can Pay Fees of 45K in Two Installments.
16 Classes/4 Months course
No Recording Or PPT will be available, but there will be one year #support from the date of joining the first class of the course.

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