Annual Varshphal Report


Varsh means “Year” and Varshphal in the context of astrology means “result of the year”. In
Indian Vedic Astrology, annual horoscope (varshphal) is constructed for a year when the Sun returns
to same sign and degree as that of its natal position in that year.
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I will send Annula Varsh Phal Report in PDF format to your email id and You will get Audio
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This one hour consultation will also include my own research based remedies related to yearly solar

Price: 3100rs (50 USD)
Annual Varh Phal Report Includes:  Varshphal Chart,  Dwadas Varga Table & Friendship Table
 Year Lord Determination
 Year Lord Determination
 Muntha Determination
 Muntha Lord Determination
 Varsh Ascendant Lord Determination


This Varsh Details report helps you understand the specific year (Varsh) phal (results):  It helps in taking financial decisions of buying property or vehicle by looking at the
favourable & unfavourable planetary transit during the year.  It helps professionals know about their career whether it is in Job or Busines
outlook in that particular year.  It is in particular beneficial for students appearing for competitive examinations in an year.