About S. Prakash

Astrology is the study of planets, Rashi, Houses and Nakshatras for each individual, which assists us in understanding the natural power to discover our fortune and plan our future by combining ancient wisdom. 

Discovery of Astrology depicts the understanding and experience of ancient spiritual teachers regarding the facts of life. The latest addition in astrology can correlate the patterns of the solar system with the patterns of our lives which has a result on us from moment to moment. There are signs of growth and signs of potential in the evolution of each and every individual. Life cycles and different stages of life are depicted through the astrological use of progressions and transits. In today’s modern time many individuals show a lot of interest in astrology for different reasons. Apart from looking at Sun signs, a personality profile is usually one of the first areas in which people apply the techniques and traditions of astrology. 

Astrology which is believed to be had its origin in the midst 2nd millennium BC was the period of ancient Babylonians. The core principles of astrology along with its different methods were discovered after the Babylonians began following the celestial omens. This procedure of following the astrology with the celestial omen soon spread in different other parts of the world like Asia, India, China Europe, Greece, and the Middle East. Since there was already multiple ideas regarding astrology were existing in these countries it made way for the discovery of astrology. Astrology, both Eastern and Western are founded on a predictive system very similar to to the one used by meteorology. Egypt’s were the initial people to follow the Babylonian principles of astrology as early as the 1st century BC soon after it was conquered by Alexander. The Greeks started believing in the Babylonian astrology during the 4th century BC. As Egyptians were already supporters of the decanic astrology it soon got merged with the Babylonians and resulted in the discovery of the Horoscopic astrology which was very rapidly accepted and followed in different other parts of the world like Europe, the Middle East as well as India. Apart from this it also played a major role in the revolution of science by developing different fields like astronomy. The initial records regarding the movements of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars were derived from astronomy, influenced by astrology. 

Vedic astrology is a very crucial part of this culture and has been practiced since time immemorial. We also learn from various collections of texts and other records that the birth of Indian astrology is also associated with various gods and Rishis. In fact, the principal of the astrology which is followed now are the ones derived by Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Garga, and, Jaimini. According to history and archeological proof, the extensive written discourse on astronomy belonged to the 5th century CE which is referred to as the classical age of Indian astronomy. In fact, astrology is also mentioned by Kalyanavarman in his ancient scriptures. Even in the epic Mahabharata, episodes many astrological descriptions are found. 

Henceforth, the astrological phenomenon dictates our societal progress. India as a country has always been fortunate and blessed enough to have the presence of great genuine astrologers showcasing their talent and over time they gained a lot of followers because of their preaching and predictions. Currently one of India`s best astrologer going around is Mr. S Prakash.

Mr. S Prakash has been practicing Astrology from a very long time. He has immense knowledge and experience in the field of various branches of Astrology and today he is one the finest Astrologers in India. His firm approach, making each one comfortable while giving his preaching or predictions, is one of the primary skills of Mr. S Prakash. His solid technique and accurate predictions make him India`s best astrologer. That motivated him to launch his online Jyotish University where he has systematically devised a syllabus to teach budding and Professional Astrologers.you can find more about him and his skills on his website, www.kaalhasthiastrologer.com  or visit his facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/KaalHasthi-Astrologer-Mr-S-Prakash-569188060151088/