Home Vastu Visit with Aura Scanner


Vastu energy scanner knows as Universal Aura Scanner which can sense the aura of a person or object in Vastu. Each living or non-living being on the planet is made up of a matter, of which an atom is the smallest part. The universe comprises of various energies emanated and affected by the atom. The universal scanner which we use has been devised to effectively sense the levels of energy through our praan prathist samples which we use in the machine.
The whole universe is compiled of various energies. All living and non-living objects have some or the other form of energy. We humans are no exception. Our body is comprised of various different kind of energies which creates and aura around around us.
We will do Home Vastu with Aura Scanner which will include below suggestions:
1. Home Entry suggestion/correction.
2. Positive and Negative Energy Detection in Vastu
3. All the Zone Analysis
4. Geopathic stress – The Aura scanner will detect the geopathic stress lines which may be passing through a particular property. These stress lines emits geomagnetic radiations or frequency which is harmful to the occupants.  Upon continuous exposure to these harmful radiations or frequency, the occupants after a certain period of time does face problem relating to health, general well being and prosperity. 
4. Scanning of Black Magic in House
5. Scanning of Cosmic Energy
6. Pitra Dosh
7. Remedy suggestion with Astro Vastu.
8. Gridding of all the 16 directions and find out the weak Zone.
9. Zonal strength.
10. Color Suggestions.

NotePlease call us (+91 9606873053) and email us ( before taking this consultation.

This consultation is only available in Bangalore as of now. Once we give our consent on email or whatsapp, then only book your consultation. 

Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Home Vastu Visit with Aura Scanner” to my email Id along with below details of yours:

  1. Full Name
  2. Male/Female
  3. You Date of Birth (Month in Letter, Example: Aug 5th – 1986)

           Tentative Time of birth (am or pm), example (9:30 PM).

           Place of birth (Country, State, City).

      4.  Transaction id 

A. Please mention your complete address details of Bangalore, client has to arrange the pick and drop from our residential address.

B. Please send us house map/plan with four directions mentioned (East, West, North South), so that we can grid the house precisely as to where is Kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom, Drawing room, Master Bedroom, Guest room, Store room , Puja Temple, study room, water tank, basement, garden, trees, color of the walls, shoe rack, fridge, battery, inverter, fish tank etc and find out the vastu Dosh.

C. Square Feet area of Home.

D. Please provide the details as to what problem you are facing.