Level 2 Advance Predictive course


Before making a payment of the course, please drop an email to me on kaalhasthi@gmail.com or whatsapp me on +91 9606873053 whether I am starting this course or not.
Once I confirm the course schedule (date and timeline), only then make a payment.

Prediction through #Divisional Charts.
#Mook Prashna Technique
#Transit Technique
#Composite Dasha Technique.
Prediction through #AshtakVarga
K.P Technique of #Nakshatras
Hidden Technique of #Remedy.
And lots more hidden techniques.

Using above techniques, you will be able to Predict Major life events such as:

#Timing for Marriage Prediction.
#Timing for Job Prediction
#Good and Bad time Prediction
#Timing to buy home/Property
#Timing for child birth Prediction.
#Timing for foreign Trip or settlement.

Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Level 2 Advance Predictive course” to my email Id kaalhasthi@gmail.com along with below details of yours:

1. Full Name

2. Male/Female

3. Your City and Country.

4. Transaction id and Date.

⚖️Recording of every class will be shared.
All sessions will be on Zoom.
Total 15 classes held on weekends

Course Fee : Rs 35000
Discounted Fee : Rs 25000 (350 USD).


#Art of Prediction” Level 2 Advance course designed to develop predictive skills for professional

The Cosmos shows you everything in its own secret coded plantery language but it does not give
you clear picture as to what is hidden in the womb of Future.

♻In my Level 2 course, I will teach this Planetry language to hack into mystical world of Universe
and decode any Horoscope.

Book your seat and start your journey to learn this art in a new different way altogether.