Level 1 Predictve Course


Level 1 Predictve Course:

My “#Art of Prediction” course designed to develop predictive skills for new budding & professional astrologers.

🏹Level -1 #Predictive course will give you a new insight altogether because the course focus only on #Techniques.

🎲 Sometimes even after having more than 10 to 20 years experience we face difficulty to predict with confidence, as we do not have the good techniques, so I will share the techniques from the Level 1 Course itself.

📿This course will set the foundation of your Basics and your Predictive Quotient with real case study charts, because without good foundation of Basics, it is difficult to pin point the event of anyone’s life.

Syllabus Overview (Basic 10 classes + 3 Advance class):

10 Basic Classes on below Topics with #Techniques only:

A .Prediction with #Houses.
B. Prediction with #Rashi/Sign.
C. Prediction with #significations of planet.
D. #Laghu Parashri.
E. Analysis the chart through #Dashas and combine above and Below Points.
F. Kendra,Trikon, Trik Houses.
G. #Functional Benefic/ Malefic.
I. Kaarak and Maark Planets

Advance 3 Bonus Classes:

1. 🗝️Identify pending Karma #Bonus class using Planet, Sign and House.

2. 🏹 Remedies – how to activate beneficial planets and calm weaker planets by remedial techniques – #Bonus Class using Planet, Sign and House.

Ex: What and when to donate, for which planet and how.

3. 🎯Prashna Technique – #Bonus using Planet, Sign and House.

⚖️Recording of every class will be shared.

🎲All sessions will be on Zoom.

🎨Total 10 classes held on weekends + 3 Bonus Classes.

So there will be 13 Classes in total.

💫 Course Fee : Rs 22000
🗝️ Discounted Fee : Rs 15000 (250 USD).
🎯 You can make the payment in two Installments, if you need help on this.

Language : Hindi & English☢️

#Level 1 course is coming in #July month, so book your name and connect with me and let’s form our own #group.

#P. S : There will be support after the course also as in Q n A session Webinar.

This #Level 1 Predictve course will set the Stage for #Level 2 Predictive Course.

Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Level 1 Predictve Course” to my email Id kaalhasthi@gmail.com along with below details of yours:

1. Full Name

2. Male/Female

3. Transaction Date and ID.

4. Your City and Country Name.