Birth Time Rectification Consultation


Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Birth Time Rectification consultation” to my email Id along with below details of yours:

  1. Full Name
  2. Male/Female
  3. You Date of Birth (Month in Letter, Example: Aug 5th – 1986)

            Tentative Time of birth (am or pm), example (9:30 PM).

             Place of birth (Country, State, City).

  1. You have to provide some major life events of your life with Year and Month (you can give date if you know):


  1. Marriage Date
  2. Child Birth Date
  3. Getting a Job Date
  4. Leaving a Job Date
  5. Any loss in Business Date
  6. Any operation of your or anyone in your family.
  7. Education Break Date
  8. Relocation to any city
  9. Buying a property or any inheritance date
  10. Visiting any pilgrimage


  1. Transaction id

You will get Audio consultation with me on Zoom for one hour.