We all have some sort of Karmic Baggage. Our Karma is very intertwined with our Astrology, so using this divine science, we can find out which planet is weak or afflicted, Pitra Dosh, Naag Dosh, Kaal Sarp, Rin of God/Brother/Mother/Guru in your aura which is stopping you from moving ahead in life. Once we find out the root cause of the problem in Aura, we can start working on remedial measures (daan/mantra/Puja/gemstone) which might take some time to show good results as these are karmic particles of past life in the form of electro magnetic waves in your aura.

Please respect our time and have faith and trust on God before taking consultation with us, as We will put our heart and soul to cleanse your Karma, so you have to be patient enough to let the suggested remedy work, as it might take 3 months to 2 years bare minimum to see some positive results. As some of the karmic baggage of past lives is difficult to get rid off during certain planetary dasha (6th, 8th and 12th Lord), Sade Sati, Rahu and Ketu Mahadash and Antar dasha.

Note – We do not give any kind of guarantee as everyone’s life is purely Karma driven,  we are just a torch bearer and our intent is to help you by giving you the remedy, but final verdict is in the hand’s of God.

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