Numerology for Business Consultation


Once you make the purchase; please send the confirmation with the subject line “Numerology for Business consultation” to my email Id along with below details of yours:

  1. Full Name
  2. Male/Female
  3. You Date of Birth (Month in Letter, Example: Aug 5th – 1986)

           Tentative Time of birth (am or pm), example (9:30 PM).

           Place of birth (Country, State, City).

  1. You have to provide some very good major life events of your life with Year, Month and Date.
  2. Marriage Date
  3. Child Birth Date
  4. Getting a Job Date
  5. Buying a property
  6. Pass out date from college
  7. Any achievement date (prize, award)
  8. Etc


  1. Please give me atleast 4 to 6 names for your business, as I have to select the best name out of these names.


  1. Please share your transaction id.


You will get Audio consultation with me on Zoom for one hour, 30 minutes.